Amsterdam Boat Experience

Rent Vording dinghy

Cool dinghy to 44 people

Price (first 2 hours) € 395, -*
Price extra hour € 150, -*
Pick-up location Amsterdam Center (free), outside the center € 90,-* advance costs.
Vaart in Amsterdam
Minimum crossing time 2 hours
Capacity 44 people
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* prices are ex VAT

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You rent the Vording dinghy at Amsterdam Boat Experience. This dinghy is a luxurious and sturdy electric boat that offers space for up to 44 people. The sloop has a sleek design and a contemporary look. De Vording makes a party of every birthday or drink. In case of rain we sail with a special roof with transparent windows to enjoy the view. We take care of extensive catering with pleasure, from snacks to 3 courses, and of course, to have something tasty to drink. Do you really want to give a canal party? Then rent a silent disco DJ for a super evening. Do you have questions about the Vording or do you want the dinghy rental? Please contact us via 020 771 59 30 or .

Catering options on the Vording dinghy. A bite to eat includes snacks and drinks. We take care of the catering for you. Check the catering page for a concise overview of the possibilities. View our menu below. Other wishes? Everything is possible.

Additional options

Roof Free
In bad weather, we can fit the Vording dinghy with a canopy, so rain will never disturb the festive atmosphere on the Nomag boat.

Silent disco
Make your tour through Amsterdam extra festive with a silent disco. Bring your own music, or go wild to the tunes of our DJ

Silent disco (own music): € 3,50 p.p.*
Silent disco (DJ with turntable): € 350,- per trip*
Hostess (Trip duration + extra hour) € 27,50 per hour*

Drinks packages

Experience Drinks Basis € 6,50 p.p. per hour*
Unlimited beer, wine, and soda..
Experience Drinks Medium € 8,50 p.p. per hour*
Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco, and soda.
Experience Drinks Luxe € 11,50 p.p. per hour*
Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco, vodka, rum, whisky, gin and soda


Experience Garnish Hot € 6,50 p.p.*
Croquettes, kaassoufles, chicken nuggets and frikandelletjes with three different sauces:
Garnish Basic Experience € 5,50 p.p.*
Cheese, liver sausage, pickles, nuts and beef sausage Experience
Experience Luxe Borrelplateau € 12,50 p.p.*
Wraps with salmon filling, wraps with chicken pesto stuffing, fruit skewers with mozzarella and tomatoes.
Experience Luxe Borrelplateau € 9,50 p.p.*
Organic cheeses, fresh imported olives, the best humus in Amsterdam, sausage Brandt & Levie, and premium meats. All produce is sourced from local suppliers. A plateau is composed of at least 10 people.


Experience Bread Basic € 9,50 p.p.*
Various soft rolls filled with chicken breast, ham / cheese tomato, herbs, cheese and beef sausage Experience.
Experience Luxury Bread € 14,50 p.p.*
Various soft rolls and bread rolls filled with chicken breast, ham / cheese tomato, herbs, cheese, beef sausage and smoked salmon Experience.


Experience Canal Burger € 14,50 p.p.*
2 scrumptious beef burgers in an Italian-style bread roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and our home-made Experience Canal burger sauce.
Experience Canal Saté € 15,50 p.p.*
4 4 skewers of succulent chicken or pork fillet, drizzled in our Experience Satay sauce. Served with lettuce and freshly cut baguettes with garlic & herb butter.
Experience BBQ Basic € 24,50 p.p.*
Seasoned steak, chicken or pork satay and a beef burger. Served with salads, sliced baguettes, and various sauces.
Experience BBQ Luxe € 28,50 p.p.*
Seasoned steak, chicken or pork satay, Lamb skewer, sis kebab, and a beef burger. Served with salads, sliced baguettes, and various sauces.

Do you want to enjoy the Amsterdam canals? See all possibilities for renting a dinghy in Amsterdam .


* prices are ex VAT

Do you have any other questions about the Vording dinghy or about the tour by Amsterdam Boat Experience? Then, please contact us on 020 771 59 30 or by email to

About Amsterdam Boat Experience

Amsterdam Boat Experience is a shipping company with its home port in Amsterdam. With our various dinghies and excursion boats, we make every birthday, bachelor or hen party, family outing or company event a day to remember. The people behind Amsterdam Boat Experience are Raimon Kievit & Arno Westra. Raimon is responsible for marketing & sales and takes care of all business on dry land. Captain Arno Westra is fully at home on the water, he renovated all boats single handily. If you want to rent boats and dinghies in Amsterdam, you go to Amsterdam Boat Experience.


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