Amsterdam Boat Experience

Catering on the boat

From complete dinners and lunches to a fully catered barbecue




A boat trip is not complete without refreshments. Amsterdam Boat Experience can take anything for you out of the hands: catering on board a welcoming hostess. Discover our packages in the table below.

Do you have other wishes? Please contact us. We are happy with you!


Experience Drinks Basic

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks:

€6.50 per person per hour (ice included) (ex. 21% VAT)

Drinks Media Experience

Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco and fresh:

€8.50 per person per hour (ice included) (ex. 21% VAT)

Experience Drinks Luxe

Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco, vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and fresh:

€11.50 per person per hour (ice included) (ex. 21% VAT)


Experience Garnish Hot

Croquettes, kaassoufles, chicken nuggets and frikandelletjes with three different sauces:

€6,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Garnish Basic Experience

Cheese, liver sausage, pickles, nuts and beef sausage Experience

€6,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience Luxe Borrelplateau

Organic cheeses, fresh imported olives, the best humus in Amsterdam, sausage Brandt & Levie, and premium meats. All produce is sourced from local suppliers. A plateau is composed of at least 10 people.

€9,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience Luxury Trimmings

Wraps with salmon filling, wraps with chicken pesto stuffing, fruit skewers with mozzarella and tomatoes:

€12,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)


Experience Basic Bread

Various soft rolls filled with chicken breast, ham / cheese tomato, herbs, cheese and beef sausage Experience:

€9,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience Luxury Bread

Various soft rolls and bread rolls filled with chicken breast, ham / cheese tomato, herbs, cheese, beef sausage and smoked salmon Experience:

€14,50 p.p.*. (ex. VAT)


Experience Grand Burger

2 delicious biefburgers in an Italian roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and our homemade Experience canal citizen sauce:

€14,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience Canal Satay

4 sticks tender chicken breast or pork tenderloin, topped with our Experience peanut sauce.
Served with salad and freshly sliced French bread with herb butter:

€15,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience BBQ Basic

Seasoned steak, chicken or pork satay and a biefburger.
Served with salad, sliced baguette and various sauces:

€24,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

Experience BBQ Luxury

Seasoned steak, satay of chicken or pork, lamb skewer, shashlick and biefburger.
Served with salad, sliced baguette and various sauces

€28,50 p.p. (ex. VAT)

About Amsterdam Boat Experience

Amsterdam Boat Experience is a shipping company with its home port in Amsterdam. With our various dinghies and excursion boats, we make every birthday, bachelor or hen party, family outing or company event a day to remember. The people behind Amsterdam Boat Experience are Raimon Kievit & Arno Westra. Raimon is responsible for marketing & sales and takes care of all business on dry land. Captain Arno Westra is fully at home on the water, he renovated all boats single handily. If you want to rent boats and dinghies in Amsterdam, you go to Amsterdam Boat Experience.


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